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We are looking forward to seeing all of the agents that will be submitted for this competition. We know the competition will be fierce, and we can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

We hope that you are as excited as we are about the upcoming competition.
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The culmination of this year's competition is now at hand. Our sincere appreciation goes out to all the participants of this edition, whose unwavering effort and dedication have been truly commendable. Thank you for keeping the Geometry Friends competition alive and thriving. It is a joy to see more and better agents every year, solving harder challenges.A special congratulations is due to the winners of this year's challenges:

  • UCMAgent, winner of the Collaboration and Rectangle track
  • Thunder, winner of the Circle track
Keep an eye out for updates to find out when the next edition will start.
Geometry Friends Geometry Friends is a two player cooperative puzzle platformer computer game developed at GAIPS INESC-ID. The game takes place in a 2D environment with simulated physics (with gravity and friction). The goal of the players is to gather a set of diamonds in the least amount of time.

Geometry Friends was designed as a research platform for the AI and gaming community, allowing players to explore challenges of coordination and collaboration between human-controlled or AI-controlled characters.

Challenges for the AI Geometry Friends has been utilized as a platform for competitions aimed at developing cooperative game-playing AI. However, solving the game and its levels remains an ongoing challenge.

To succeed in this game, AI agents must effectively navigate a dynamic environment with simulated physics, solve complex puzzles, and coordinate their actions to achieve the ultimate goal.

Success in the game is dependent on factors such as position, velocity, acceleration, angular momentum, and the current shape and orientation of the character.

Actuating the characters in the game is particularly challenging due to the inclusion of simulated physics that include friction, gravity, and other dynamic elements. Additionally, solving even a single level requires extensive collaboration, planning, and careful ordering of actions.

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